About Us

Our Company

Established in 1996, Alpha Viana designs, manufactures, and supplies retailers with the latest trends in eye wear. We carry various lines suited for families with young children to those who are well into their 50s and 60s. With such a vast market for eyewear, Alpha Viana covers every segment with a variety of frames for those seeking individuality and uniqueness. Our wide range of frame selections meets the needs of our different customers. Frames vary from classic, timeless looks to trendy and modern for those who are very fashion-forward.

With our international presence, Alpha Viana is a company in its growth stage, with well-established markets in South America and Asia. Our products are made from the materials of the highest quality. We use memory titanium, stainless steel, and handmade acetate. Our unparalleled sales team will help your company stock the latest trends for your clients. With a strong manufacturer base, we also manufacture OEM eyeglass frames for our clients. If you are looking for OEM eyeglasses frames, we are a one stop shop that can do design and manufacturing for you. Currently, we are doing OEM for many named brands as well as selling OEM stocks that we have that will show private eyeglasses label for your eyeglasses brand.

Our Brands

As you proceed through our website, you will see the variety of frames we carry:

Alpha is our signature eyewear. This is the trendiest line for those who value individualism.
Kool Kids frames are designed with our young customers in mind. These frames come in a multitude of colors and also feature bendable frames and 180 degree temples.
Hagan Hopperframes is the newest additional the Alpha Viana Family. This line is great for younger generations. With Vibrant color schemes and versatile combinations, it is loved by young professionals.
Vianaframes are made with ladies in mind. These frames often have luxurious look and elegant gems stones on the temple to show sophistication and elegance. The gem stones on the temple really adds value to the Viana eyelgasses frames.
Spektek is the most affordable line of frames with styles suitable for everyone. Spektek carries many of the classic timeless styles that never gets old.


At Alpha Viana, we provide our customers with the best in price, value, and quality on a global scale. We strive to continue to be innovative and lead with up to the minute designs. In addition, we foster growth and development with our suppliers, employees, and customers.

Our Team

At Alpha Viana, we pride ourselves in unique product development. With over 20 years of experience, our President designs the eyewear herself. With headquarters in North America, manufacturing in China, and a sales team around the United States and South America, Alpha Viana is building a strong domestic and international presence.